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Нега на коса и нокти

Our looks include our hair and nails as well. Their appearance 'speaks' of our physical and to a certain extent of our spiritual state. Nature again helps not only with our appearance but with our inner state too. The valuable herbal extracts and essential oils contained in hair and nail care series, possess in themselves the energy needed for their restoration and good appearance.

Carefully selected and with totally natural composition these products guarantee visible results - vital, wholesome hair and nails.


Стимуланс за коса "Розмари"

330.00 MKD
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Масло за зајакнување на нокти

180.00 MKD
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Strengthening nail oil is a product with efficient action and fragrance. It's a mixture of almond oil with five essential oils; rosemary oil stimulates growth; eucalyptus oil, together with almond oil, maintain the normal moisture and vitalize the cells. 
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